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A short, fast, fun punch in ear.


I'll blast off your back as I take to the skies, no stopping me.
Withholding your laughter so that I can smile, stop mocking me.
I'm taking you back 'cause you can't hold the line but all's in tune.
I'm always on top 'cos I can't be denied, except by you.

Find me my role.

I'll do what I want when I feel,
I'll take what I can when I need,
I'm bleeding free, I want it.

You're shouting me down as I stand on my box, imparting truths.
Ignoring me louder than I can definebut I'm immune.
I'm losing a lot 'cause I can't keep the times, but so are you.
You will get yours when I have got mine, and then I'm through.

Remind me to close.

I'd ransom it,
A healing head,
I'm bleeding free, I want it.

I'm building, rekindling,
I'm thinking, and hinting,
the changes are ringing,
and soon it's beginning,
I crave my crescendo

I'm feeling alive, but I'm lonely.

After the fact is too late to be cryin', but so I do.
When all is intact then the broken is mine, but who'll be you?


from Demo, track released February 21, 2015



all rights reserved


Evil Veto Dublin, Ireland

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